Squid Scrapebox Proxies – Review and Information

Squid Proxies has been a proxy provider for just about “forever” and its a reliable and consistent provider of proxies for many uses.

Squid Proxies work great for Scrapebox and I have even negotiated a 20% reoccurring discount on private proxies for my readers.  Just use discount code: loopline20 when purchasing here (opens a new window).


Squid proxies can be used for everything in Scrapebox that requires proxies, including but not limited to the following:

  • Scraping search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and over 20 more
  • Searching for Expired Domains
  • Scraping Yellow Pages
  • Posting links
  • Submitting contact forms
  • All Google related addons – image grabber, malware and phishing filter, mobile site tester, competition finder, meta scraper
  • Vanity Name Checker – searching for expired web 2.0s like Tumblr, Blogspot, Twitter etc…
  • Moz powered addons – Backlink checker and Page Authority Addons
  • WHOIS checking
  • Any other function in scrapebox where you may need proxies

Squid proxies are IP authenticated proxies so you don’t have to hassle with Usernames or Passwords.  This simply means that you go into your control panel that Squid Proxies gives you and you enable the IP(s) of all the computers/servers/vps that you want to use the proxies with.

Speed and Accuracy

When testing the proxies numerous times, most of them test out with speeds of 100ms to 700ms, which is very fast.  From time to time there is a slow one, but thats very normal as server loads change over time.

As for accuracy they are as accurate as a private proxy can be, keeping the connection true to just you.  By that I mean that when using a private proxy you don’t have to worry about your data being transmitted over some random public proxy, its all contained privately and thus fast and accurate.

Also these proxies support the industry standard of max 10 simultaneous connections per proxy.  You wouldn’t want to use more then this anyway, and many people often don’t even use this many.

What that does mean though is if you get 10 private proxies, the most connections you can use in Scrapebox is 100.  If you have 100 proxies you can use 1000 etc… Although I always try and give the proxies some “breathing” room and use less then the max connections.

Scraping Google

Squid proxies are guaranteed to come not blocked when you get them, and mine were not blocked when I got them.  They all test perfectly fine with google.

When it comes to Scraping google and other engines, if you use the proxies incorrectly you will get the ips banned.  Generally most engines will unban you ips in 48 hours or less, but the below video covers how to use proxies safely for scraping from search engines.

Specifically these proxies are Private proxies.  So in the video I cover multiple types, you want to pay attention to the Private proxy setup, which is the bulk of the video.


Specific Country IPs

Need a specific country?  No problem, just ask if they can accommodate before purchasing.  In most cases they can give you any country that you need, so long as they sell proxies from that country.


Setting it up

After you purchase you need to authorize your IP. They will give you a login for a control panel, all you have to do is login and authorize the IP(s) that you want to use the proxies on.

Like this:



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