Automator Templates

Continuous Fresh Proxies Using the Scrapebox Automator - Template

Below you will find a template that allows you to to have continuous live proxies.  You do this by using a dedicated instance of Scrapebox along with the Automator, This concept is demonstrated in the contstant live proxy video.

You are allowed to run an unlimited number of instances from the same machine, with only 1 license.  So you need to setup 1 instance of Scrapebox to be your 24/7 Fresh Proxy List maker, then you can run a separate instance and use the harvester to harvest results using those proxies.  This video shows how you can setup multiple instances of scrapebox with only 1 license.

You NEED to edit the always live proxy template to point to your files and you can of course customize it with your settings, or else it will not work.

This is designed for and built using Scrapebox version 2.

Download Scrapebox Always Fresh Proxy List Template