Scrapebox Private Proxies, Shared Proxies and Back Connect Proxies for 2018

Private Proxies

Many people use private proxies for scrapebox, and I often get asked where is the best place to purchase private proxies in 2018

There are many providers out there, but few are of a good enough quality that we would use them.

Generally I would recommend 10 private proxies for most people.  If you are a heavier users then a 20 or 30+ package would be better choice for you.

I recommend  one of the following two providers:

My Private Proxy – They also offer shared proxies.


Squid Proxy – if you use this discount code you can get 20% off recurring every month:





Shared Proxies

Shared proxies could be called semi-private proxies.  Generally you share the proxy with a couple other anonymous people.  This allows you to still get good fast proxies, but at a reduced cost.

BuyProxies does a great job as well as MPP, at matching you up with other users that do different things then you do with your proxies.  Like if you want to use them for google scraping and posting, they might match you up with someone who is using proxies for Craig’s List.

In this way you both can use the proxies for what you want and share the cost.  They take care of everything, all you do is pay them and move on.  Its also secure.

For light use I would go with their 10 proxies pack, or for heavy use the 50+ proxies pack is a bargain. They offer both shared and private proxies but for the cost I love their shared proxies, but their private ones are good as well.



My Private Proxy


Back Connect,  Reverse Proxies and Rotating Proxies

Back Connect proxies, otherwise known as Reverse Proxies or Rotating Proxies are best suited and convenient for Scraping, especially heavily scraping google and bing.  They can even do well with heavy advanced operator google scraping.

They change your ip on the back end every several minutes or on every request, so you do not have to worry about proxies being blocked, as they are rotated out.

The Best Back Connect Proxy Provider in 2018 is

Storm Proxies

They are the provider I use for scraping around the clock.  Here is a video I made about Storm Proxies:



Scrapebox Harvesting 1 Million Urls Per Minute With Back Connect Proxies (this exact provider is out of business and no current provider that I have found can go this fast):



Also many people ask about scraping from google with private proxies.  I made up a video showing how you can scrape with private proxies safely without getting your IPs


Updated 2-17-2018