Scrapebox VPS Hosting – Discount Code

Many people want to know where they can host scrapebox on a VPS.   A VPS offers more power and faster connections for a lot of people.  However finding a host that is friendly with scrapebox can be hard.  Finding a host that is fast, reliable, and allows scrapebox can be even harder.

Thats why Scrapebox VPS Servers came about.  They offer servers that are based in the USA, have 100 or 1000 mbit connections, bandwidth is unmetered, and they come with scrapebox pre-installed. This does not mean that you don’t have to purchase scrapebox, you still need to use your own scrapebox license. This just means you don’t have to hassle with downloading scrapebox on the server and setting it up, its already done for you.  Just launch it, activate it and blast away.   They also come preloaded with Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition, which is not only the latest version of windows for servers, it is more importantly the most optimal revision of windows for running scrapebox.

Also of importance is the fact that this isn’t a fly by night company, but rather a division of a much larger hosting company.  Plus they also offer scrapebox proxies, so you can bundle up and order your scrapebox server and your private proxies all in one place.
Scrapebox VPS Hosting

I worked out a special deal with them.  You can get 15% off your first month, just use this discount code at checkout.

Discount Code:  MAttPROMO